Не was sitting there, in the forest border,silent, without a single thought in his pretty curly head.Lazy tired sun was going down to have some sleep. Two small forest spirits were watching him and he knew it.

-You know, there can be only one God for people.- he said calmly- The Time.

-Who is it?We haven’t met it before.-the fine voice of one of the spirits from bushes,

-It is a very powerful God. People created it.And now they are selflessly praying to it.But without us this God means nothing.-a touch of an irony in his voice-It is a very cruel God. No matter how diligently you pray it will bring you suffering and death.However it can bring oblivion, not to everyone,but… The greatest and the most insignificant God.

-Then why are you still praying to it?There are so many other gods…

-Without IT we won’t be people anymore.